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Welcome to Pest Animal Washington DC! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Washington DC. Why should you hire us? We pride ourselves on our humane approach to wildlife control. We never use poisons, we use live cage traps, and we attempt to perform exclusions and preventative methods whenever possible. We can remove animals from your home that cause damage or a hazard to health, although our top specialties include removing bat colonies from attics, as well as squirrels, rats, raccoons, opossums, skunks, and more. We’ll never use poisons - they’re ineffective and dangerous for your family and pets - and if relocation is required, we make sure that we do so as far away as necessary. In some cases this can be over ten miles or more. We are available for emergency critter removal, such as when an animal gets inside your house, and our 24/7 manned phones will usually be able to make you a same-day appointment. We perform dead animal removal services, from inside buildings and outside, and odor control services too, and all for a friendly and competitively-priced service that you’ll remember for all the right reasons. If you’ve got a pest problem, we can sort it. Just give us a call for a free quote today. Call us now at 202-919-4252 for your Washington DC wildlife control needs.

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Property inspections and in-attic inspections.

Nuisance wildlife trapping and removal.

Critter damage repair to your home.

We never use poisons! We don't handle insects.

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Washington DC rat control and rodent removal

Raccoon and skunk removal in Washington DC

Complete removal of squirrels in the attic

Washington DC dead animal removal inside houses.

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Bird Removal and Prevention

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Our Service Range

Our Service Range

We service Arlington Virginia, Alexandria Virginia, Bethesda Maryland, Frederick Maryland, Gaithersburg Maryland, Reston Virginia, Rockville Maryland, Silver Spring Maryland, Loudoun, Falls Church, Fairfax, Manassas, Prince William, Prince George's County Maryland, and more.

Washington DC Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month

How to Get Rats out of Your Attic

Rats in the attic are a serious threat to safety and health of the entire household. Regardless of the type or the number of Washington DC rats, these rodents are capable of both compromising the infrastructure of a home and transferring infections and deceases to humans and animals around them. There are several ways in which rats manage to get inside of an attic. Whether the wooden structure is damaged or rotten, or nearby tree branches allowed them to climb on top of the roof, once these District of Columbia animals find their way in, they are hard to get rid.

Signs of rats in the attic show early in the case of infestation. You will know that rats have inhabited your attic, at first, by strange noises that come from your attic and walls. Second, you might experience power issues due to rats chewing on cables and wires. It could also happen that your cable TV and internet connection start glitching.

1. Determine rat entry spots
One of the most important steps to take when exterminating Washington DC rats from your attic is to prevent the infestation from getting worse. You also want to prevent more rats from getting inside your attic after you have already got rid of them. To secure your home from getting infected multiple times, and also to be able to determine which spots in your home are rats using to get inside. Look for any holes and gaps in your attic and pay special attention to spots that are surrounded by rat feces. Once you manage to discover spots that rats have used to get inside your attic, seal all but one remaining hole. This hole will serve for rats who have maybe left their younglings behind to get back inside. Under any circumstances, you should not seal all the gaps in your attic because female District of Columbia rats might not be able to reach their babies. If this happens, you will end up with dead rat corpses inside your attic or walls.

2. Determine the number and type of the rats
Estimating the size of the infestation is important if you want to remove all the existing rest. You are going to have to observe rats for several days and note details about their behavior. Note the number of rats, presence of any pregnant females or rat babies if you want to be able to remove all of the rats from your attic. You will use this information to decide on a number of traps you want to buy, or if you even want to handle the removal by yourself or hire expert help. If you decide that there are too many District of Columbia rats for you to trap and remove by yourself, you can always hire an animal or pest removal company available in your area.

3. Determine the rat’s route
It is most likely that, by the time you’ve discovered that your home is infested with Washington DC rats, the rodents have already established routes they use to move around and look for food. It is important for you to discover these spots. If you want to trap and remove rats from your attic properly, you should inspect and note their route. This means that you should inspect for spots that District of Columbia rats use to move around your attic. You will be able to discover these spots if you look for spots that contain the biggest amounts of rat feces. These will be the places you should use to place the traps.

4. Set up traps and bait
After you’ve determined the size of the rat infestation in your attic and the route the Washington DC rats use to move around, you can move on to set the traps and baits and finally trap all of the rats. You can choose amongst several types of traps, but death traps are the most recommended type to use. They cause minimal pain to the animals and are easiest to remove. Choosing a right bait for the rat is also important, especially if there are other animals in your home or neighborhood you don’t wish to harm. The best bait, when it comes to District of Columbia rats, would be small pieces bread and cereals, as well as meats and bacon. However, meat could attract other animals, like cats, so it would probably be better to stick with grain-based types of bait, as well as vegetables.

5. Check the traps throughout several days
It could take up to several days to trap all the Washington DC rats present in your attic. There are several issues to pay attention to when trapping rats, which could explain why rats don’t trap so easily. First, rats are quite intelligent animals, and they will take some time to estimate if or when to attempt to take the bait you left behind. Some rats will become “trap-shy”, which means that they will learn not to take the bait. Whether because they witness other rats being killed, or they are simply too suspicious to get anywhere near the trap, some rats might take a bit longer to trap. For this reason, experts recommend that you first place traps along with bait put not set them. If District of Columbia rats manage to take the bait a few times without getting harmed, they will become confident enough to take the bait after you set up the trap.

6. Remove dead District of Columbia rats from your home

7. Seal and your attic