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How to Keep Squirrels Out of My Bird Feeder?

Squirrels appear cute but only from a distance because when they decide to enter your garden and invade birdfeeder you simply have to face a good number of complications. Normally you install birdfeeders in your garden with the hope of attracting cute birds towards it, but things start to move in the opposite direction once the District of Columbia squirrels present in your Washington DC neighborhood start to attract them. They will be attracted towards the seeds and will do all in their power for getting access to them.

Sometimes it becomes a big challenge to keep neighborhood Washington DC squirrels away from your birdfeeders and many lose hope, but it is all about staying determined and investing your energy in the right direction so that desired kinds of results can be obtained. You will have to exhibit patience as well as courage here for getting the results that are needed. In most of the cases it is the inexperience attitude of the Gardner which makes the situation worse because he or she is not aware of the proper protocol that should be followed.

Taking Washington DC professional assistance always appears as the best possible solution in majority of cases. In this section we will be focusing upon some important points that will help you in winning the battle against District of Columbia squirrels that are getting attracted towards your birdfeeders.

• If the case is that your birdfeeder is hanging from a pole or has been attached with posts, then right strategy to follow in these kinds of situation is to place stove pipes or baffle in the shape of pyramid under feeder for preventing the access of Washington DC squirrels towards your feeder. This cannot be termed as a complicated thing because you can either purchase your own from market or can make it at your house. For making sure that it is going to be effective you need to ensure that bottom of baffle has been kept at a distance of 5 feet away from ground level and it should be placed at a distance of 8-10 feet from the objects that are present in surroundings. It is better that you should give preference to using baffle that should have a dome shape.

• Another strategy that can be adopted for dealing with these kinds of issues is that feeder should be enclosed in a cage of wire mesh which should have holes bog enough to allow the Washington DC birds to enter, but should be small enough for excluding District of Columbia squirrels. You can also go with the option of purchasing feeder that is squirrel proof.

• One of the best strategies is that you should start using seeds which squirrels don’t find appealing. This will lessen their visits to a great extent. This means that use seeds which don’t appeal District of Columbia squirrels.

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