Washington DC Wildlife and Animal Removal

Starling Control Measures

The damages caused by starlings can be controlled in several ways, and District of Columbia starlings are often considered as pets because of the various damages they can cause to properties. Starlings can produce large droppings that gradually cause rusting of building materials and even smell so bad, thus you will have to clean up after them or introduce some Washington DC wildlife control measures. The eating, nesting and other habits of starling make them nuisance in both rural and urban areas. You don’t have to kill them because there are several human and natural control measures that work perfectly to get rid of them.

Aside the huge quantities of waste materials they release, the risk of contracting diseases such as viruses that can transfer to both humans and Washington DC animals, and the noises they make, make starlings dangerous to keep. Starling exclusion system is one of the best possible ways of controlling activities of the birds around an area. The exclusion system denies starlings, access to any area of a property and it is often made of diverse materials. Exclusion nets or wires can be made of stainless steel, and can be installed vertically or horizontally, depending on the configuration of the area. The District of Columbia starling bird net or exclusion material can be used at residential, commercial regions; they can even be installed on canopies, warehouses, bridges, and garages.

The use of electrical tracks can also be effective as a control measure for Washington DC starlings. This track is often sold as kit, which contains everything you need to install the device. The control measure is humane enough for birds, even though it delivers a mild electrical shock, especially to starlings when they are about to land. This exclusion device can be installed in multitudes of places where District of Columbia starling activities are prominent, these include; ledges, rooflines, eaves, and walls.

The use of Ultrasonic devices can also be effective againstWashington DC starling activities around your property. Ultrasonic devices simply generate some disoriented sounds that simply confuse starlings and force them not to land in the vicinity. Similar to ultrasonic, the bird repellant gel can also be used outdoors to get rid of starlings. All you need to do is to apply the gel on the surface of the ledge, roof, or any other area you don’t want the birds to land. The gel can also be easily removed as it was applied therefore it is not messy. Gels are quite irritating to District of Columbia birds, including starlings, thus they don’t want to get in touch with the material.

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